Montezuma County has one COVID-19 fatality

Montezuma County announced has two new cases of COVID-19 in addition to the one already known. One of those cases resulted in a fatality, according to a press release from the county health department. The announcement was made on Thursday, April 2. Below is the release:

Montezuma County Announces Two New COVID19 Cases

Today, Montezuma County Public Health Department announced two new positive cases of COVID19. One of those cases has resulted in a COVID19-related fatality.Due to privacy laws, no more information about the infected individuals will be released. Montezuma County Public Health Department is conducting contact tracing according to CDC protocols.All Montezuma County residents should assume that the COVID-19 virus is present in the community, and will continue to spread if people do not adhere to the Stay At Home Executive Order. Carefully consider what essential travel means and limit time away from your home.Dr. Kent Aikin and MCPHD Director Bobbi Lock will be joining the Southwest Health System’s Facebook Live today at 4:30 PM to answer questions

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