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A shot in the arm: Native American tribes create their own plans for COVID-19 vaccinations

As sovereign nations, Native American tribes can decide whether they receive COVID- 19 vaccinations through the Indian Health Service, an arm of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, or through the state of Colorado. The Ute Mountain Ute … Continue reading

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Are disparities worsening?: Native Americans face existing problems obtaining health care, but pandemic-related measures may be making those even greater

Former tribal council member and activist Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk lives with rheumatoid arthritis, a condition that affects her mobility if she does not consistently take medication. Lopez-Whiteskunk meets with a medical specialist from Durango every other month at the Indian Health … Continue reading

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Masks prompt clash between county, DA

As the United States continues to lose the war against COVID-19, with more than a thousand people dying from it daily at the end of July, a war of a different sort is also going on – between advocates for … Continue reading

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Water in the desert: Nonprofit works to distribute sanitary washing stations to Native communities

By Morgan Craft Flagstaff, Ariz. – The village of Oraibi sits on a dusty mesa high above the desert floor, two hours northeast of Flagstaff, the unofficial capital and historic heart of the Hopi nation. Occupied since 1150 AD, it … Continue reading

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Life during wartime: The coronavirus pandemic is causing increases in anxiety, anger and crime

“I’m so sad – I just cry and cry.” “In the past five days, four different people went off on me – all angry and yelling at me and I’m not even sure what I said to make them react.” … Continue reading

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To mask up or not: The uncivil question dividing the U.S.

Americans are bitterly divided over climate change, Donald Trump, and race. But the issue that may be causing the angriest debate at the moment is an odd one: masks. Or, more specifically, facial coverings designed to slow the spread of … Continue reading

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Cultural divide: Utes, county leaders wrestle with differences during talks about COVID-19

In one sense, the coronavirus pandemic has brought the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe and Montezuma County closer together, by prompting more extensive discussions than usual between leaders. But the two entities continue to be divided over a number of issues, … Continue reading

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How are animals faring during the pandemic?

Since COVID-19 has spread across the globe, wild animals have begun showing up, not just in backyards, but in city streets emptied of pedestrians and traffic and on roadways, beaches, mountain trails and waterways suddenly devoid of humans. Many millions … Continue reading

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Time to open up? Locals struggle to balance community health with the needs of small businesses in the age of COVID-19

Stuart McLagan Porter was a vigorous 82-year-old living in Montezuma County, Colo., when he contracted COVID-19. He chose to fight the virus outside of the hospital so he wouldn’t be separated from his wife. He died at his home in … Continue reading

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Montezuma County drafts reopening plan

The Montezuma County commissioners have put forth a draft plan for gradually reopening county businesses and have scheduled an in-person meeting on Thursday at 1 p.m. at the courthouse to discuss feedback on their plan. They said anyone who attends … Continue reading

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We should attack COVID-19 as we would a wildfire

2003 was a terrible wildfire year for the United States. As an incident commander for the federal wildland fire community, I led my team on many assignments across the country, working under the Incident Command System. This proven system is … Continue reading

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Dolores River Festival canceled

The 202 Dolores River Festival, set for June, has been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Below is a release: Dear Friends, Patrons, and Supporters of the Dolores River Festival, It is with our deep regret that we must cancel … Continue reading

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Montezuma County has one COVID-19 fatality

Montezuma County announced has two new cases of COVID-19 in addition to the one already known. One of those cases resulted in a fatality, according to a press release from the county health department. The announcement was made on Thursday, … Continue reading

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