Sheriff distances himself from radio show (web only)

Montezuma County Sheriff Dennis Spruell is dissociating himself from the avowed principles of a nationally syndicated radio show on which he recently spoke.

On Feb. 5, Spruell was a guest on “The Political Cesspool,” a program based in Memphis, Tenn., that is billed as “the South’s foremost populist radio program.”

The show’s “statement of principles” on its web site includes a “pro-White” philosophy and a call for whites to increase their birth rate worldwide relative to other races.

Other principles of the program include:

• “America would not be as prosperous, ruggedly individualistic, and a land of opportunity if the founding stock were not European.”

• “Since family is the foundation of any strong society, we are against feminism, abortion, and primitivism.”

• “Secession is a right of all people and individuals. It was successful in 1776 and this show honors those who tried to make it successful in 1865.”

• “We are against homosexuality, vulgarity, loveless sex, and masochism.”

During his appearance, Spruell spoke about recent proposals by the Forest Service to close some roads in the Boggy Draw-Glade area of the San Juan National Forest. He did not discuss anything to do with race or sexual orientation.

When contacted, Spruell said he had never seen the “Political Cesspool” web site and “wouldn’t even know what it looks like – absolutely not.”

After being read some of the statement of principles, Spruell said sarcastically, “Oh, wonderful.”

“No,” he added, “I don’t agree with any of their statement, any of their mission statement, whatever it may be. All I did was do an interview on their station. Had I known that, I would have told them I wasn’t interested.

“Yeah, I had no idea. It’s one of those deals where you go, woops, shouldn’t have done that.”

Spruell said he’d been asked to do the show by a local man and did not know anything about the program and had never listened to it.

“I am appalled that they stand for something like that,” he said. “All they did was say, ‘Hey, will you interview with us?’ It was actually one of the local people saying, ‘I know this guy and I want to know if you’ll interview with him,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll tell him what’s going on, I have no problem with that,’ and that’s as far as it got right there.”

Spruell spoke on a segment with Michael Gaddy of Montezuma County, who was described by host James Edwards as the program’s former “correspondent on the ground to us from the Minuteman Project in Arizona” in 2005.

During the show, Edwards asked why the Forest Service was proposing closures of the roads in question.

Gaddy said there “seems to be a preponderance of evidence now. . . there is a great possibility that our present administration has used our public lands and our mineral resources and what have you as collateral for the debt that we owe China.”

Spruell, however, said on the show that he was “not a conspiracy guy like Mike.” He said he’d been told by the Forest Service that there were too many roads already and that closures would make better habitat for elk and deer. He said that explanation “didn’t really hold water.”

On the program, Spruell also discussed the possibility of the sheriff’s office citing and/or arresting forest officials for road closures.

“I have an obligation to protect my county against enemies both foreign and domestic, so if the federal government comes in and violates the law it’s my responsibility to see that it stops,” he said.

He continued, “I have told them that if I catch them violating the law I have no recourse but to throw them in jail. It doesn’t matter who you are, it’s what you do.

“If I have to cite them, that’s a good possibility, I will cite them. If they have to go to jail, that’s a possibility.”

However, he added, “That’s certainly nothing that I want to do.”

The Colorado political-commentary web site posted a comment on March 7 about Spruell’s appearance on the radio program, calling it “a weird, weird story about Montezuma County Sheriff Dennis Spruell.”

“Merely calling into a radio program that explicitly states its desire to ‘revive the White birthrate’ and ‘grow the percentage of Whites in the world relative to other races’ reflects pretty poorly on the sheriff, but what Spruell actually said on the program doesn’t make him look any better,” the posting states.

“The Political Cesspool” is carried by the Liberty News Radio Network. One of its partners is the Council of Conservative Citizens, whose home web page includes headlines such as, “Iraq War vet dragged to death by black woman. US media silent” and “Swedish politician denounces race-mixing.”

Spruell told the Free Press, “I wasn’t trying to do any kind of a political agenda, anything, I was just talking about the situation we’re having in Montezuma County. I’m not about overthrowing the government or any of that kind of crap.”

He added, “I had no idea they were that type of people whatsoever. Yeah. None whatsoever. And I wouldn’t have done the interview had I known.”

The entire radio interview with Spruell is available at under “Archive.”

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