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Lies, damned lies and Bush politics

“These guys are the most crooked, you know, lying group I’ve ever seen – it’s scary.” — Sen. John Kerry “Mission Accomplished,” declared a huge banner the White House had prepared as a backdrop for President Bush’s visit to a … Continue reading

Published in April 2004, David Long

River of Sorrows: Drought strangles the Dolores

It’s been described as more of an elaborate plumbing system than a real-life natural river, its water caged, sucked and pumped away for the sake of farming and domestic use. But a revived movement is growing to promote environmental balance … Continue reading

Published in April 2004

Public-lands littering widespread

They had two choices: Clean it up, or just rename it Trash Canyon and let it go. Bureau of Land Management officials opted for the former. On Saturday, April 10, they’ll be hosting a community clean-up effort in the Cash … Continue reading

Published in April 2004

Missionary Ridge timber sale in limbo

If a tree falls in the forest, who gets it? That’s the question on many people’s minds these days when they consider the fire-damaged Missionary Ridge area near Durango. Two years ago in June, a wildfire raged across more than … Continue reading

Published in April 2004

Loose dogs wreak havoc, but penalties are few

“One who owns or keeps in his or her possession a domestic animal and has no knowledge of its vicious, dangerous or destructive habits or tendencies is not legally responsible for injuries or damage caused by such animal.” — Colorado … Continue reading

Published in April 2004

Is Kerry more than just the anti-Bush?

At a dinner party last weekend, a friend of mine announced that he had an important question to ask our host. “George,” he said, munching on a shrimp cocktail, “You have eight months to answer this, but I need you … Continue reading

Published in April 2004, janelle holden