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O’Neil seeks to revitalize Mancos Marshal’s Office

Look out, criminals, there’s a new marshal in Mancos and he aims to clean up the town. After months of unrest within the Mancos Marshal’s Office during the past year, things finally might be settling down. With a new marshal … Continue reading

Published in February 2004

Fog over the Four Corners: Part I

(First in a two-part series) Click here to read Part II The thought of smog polluting the rural Four Corners seems implausible, but in fact pollution levels in the region are already on the rise. And with major energy development … Continue reading

Published in February 2004

District attorney mulls second term despite critics

Editors’s note: The several attorneys and law-enforcement officers who agreed to comment for this story did so under condition of anonymity, since they must work closely with the District Attorney’s office in trying to deliver criminal justice in the 22nd … Continue reading

Published in February 2004

Bluff Balloon Festival sets skies aglow

If you have ever been curious about hot-air balloons, then Bluff, Utah, was the place to be Jan. 15-18 for the sixth annual Bluff International Balloon Festival. It was an event not to be missed. The festival draws pilots from … Continue reading

Published in February 2004

A city-county tug of war

Montezuma County was created in 1889. The city of Cortez was incorporated as a town in 1902. And probably ever since that time, the two entities have struggled to get along. Theirs is an uneasy relationship, one that has had … Continue reading

Published in February 2004

Football’s strange allure captures a reluctant fan

I commute to work with a psychiatrist. She’s become a good friend, and during our half-hour drive, we discuss our personal lives, the weather, and occasionally who should be president. She’s a physician, so when discussing medical problems, we use … Continue reading

Published in February 2004, janelle holden