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Yellowbelly (aka Campbell) cooks up ethical stew

It’s get-back time. Retiring U.S. Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who prides himself on his Native American heritage, once called me a racist because I ridiculed his position on using Indian monikers for sports teams. You know, like the Washington Redskins, … Continue reading

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Letter criticizing MCHS athletics creates stir

Which is more highly prized at Montezuma-Cortez High School — academic achievement or athletic prowess? A letter posing that question was considered so inflammatory it resulted in a student’s suspension. The incident has raised questions about the rights of students … Continue reading

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Concerns mount about adventure races

The summertime thrills of many dedicated outdoor enthusiasts – paragliding, peak-bagging, trail-running, kayaking and long-distance mountain-biking – are being combined into extreme adventure races that have established a starting line in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains and Utah’s canyonlands. The popularity … Continue reading

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Cheatgrass: Scourge of the West and spreading

In early spring, the green sprouts seem a welcome sight. But by June, when those innocent-looking blades turn to stiff brown stems with sticky seedheads, the true, ugly nature of cheatgrass is revealed. It’s a problem for pets and livestock, … Continue reading

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Coming soon to a state near you: Global warming

As the conference hall erupted with applause, I leaned over to a colleague and said, “I think the alcoholic intake in West Yellowstone is going to increase rapidly in the next hour.” We had just finished a two-day conservation conference … Continue reading

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