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2005: The best of times, or the worst?

Print this articleAh, harvest time. Orchard parties and U-Pick signs inviting you to gather a piece of autumn condensed into a crisp, red apple. Or the pleasant weariness that comes from putting up the last of two dozen jars of … Continue reading

Published in November 2005

Environmentalists decry proposed ESA changes

Print this articleThe Endangered Species Act of 1973, long considered the premier conservation law for protecting rare plants and animals, would be severely altered under a rewrite that has already cleared the U.S. House of Representatives. U.S. Rep. Richard Pombo, … Continue reading

Published in November 2005

Foreboding territory: Film about sexual harassment grimly fascinating

Print this article“The War Between the Sexes” is a term generally used with humor, to describe the flirting, game-playing and jockeying for power that mark relations between males and females in any culture. In the new film “North Country,” however, … Continue reading

Published in Arts & Entertainment, November 2005

Coming Ag Expo to reflect trend toward small farms

Print this articleExpect a Four States Ag Expo in 2006 that reflects the latest trend in agriculture: the rise of small producers. While the big machinery and traditional exhibitors will still be there, the Ag Expo, slated for March 9-11 … Continue reading

Published in November 2005

Biodiesel stirs excitement in Four Corners

Print this articleAdvocates say biodiesel pollutes less, helps economy Fueling America’s ever-thirsty gas tanks with a waste product from the fast-food industry sounds too good to be true, and critics maintain that it is. But vegetable oil, in the form … Continue reading

Published in November 2005