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Wild horse roundup judged a success

Wild-horse advocates and BLM officials alike were pleased by the success of a wild-horse adoption that took place Aug. 27 in Montezuma County. “As far as placing these animals, getting them all adopted, the auction went very well,” said Pati … Continue reading

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Who owns the Dolores River? Tips for rafters and landowners

“In the end, all things merge into one; and a river runs through it.” — Norman MacLean Property Owners and Nature Lovers: Who owns the Dolores River? ANSWER: No one owns the Dolores River. The Dolores was a navigable river … Continue reading

Published in September 2005

Replacing the pick and hoe

Dove Creek over the Fourth of July holiday observed its 50th anniversary this year. Pick ’n’ Hoe celebrates the uranium miners and bean farmers of the Dove Creek area. Who are the workers that will be celebrated 50 years from … Continue reading

Published in September 2005

Lone cone access

LONE CONE ACCESS … The threat of 100 homes is real, from the folks who closed off traditional access to the west side of Lone Cone and all the national forest lands up in that region, as the Free Press … Continue reading

Published in September 2005

Common threads link Polish, Navajo weavers

The flowers and geometric designs seem to dance off the rugs hanging in Farmington’s Downtown Center Gallery, the Farmington Museum’s newest exhibit space. Some tapestries feature bold, bright colors. Others offer more subtle palettes: brown, gray and black. Some tell … Continue reading

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Closed to the public

A simmering dispute involving private property rights vs. public good in San Miguel and Dolores counties is about to come to a boil after two years of wrangling. The 2003 closure of a road traditionally used for access to the … Continue reading

Published in September 2005

Lighting the unity torch

Nothing in life is more telling about a person than their wedding ceremony. Weddings reveal the couple’s faith, world view, and most importantly, their favorite color patterns. I’ve been to a wedding where the priest compared good love to eating … Continue reading

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