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In defense of (a little) intolerance

That dirty rotten Communist Karl Marx quite correctly pointed out that religion is the opium of the masses. Karl (I feel like we’re on a first-name basis since I’ve also been cursed as a dirty rotten Communist), who preferred name-callers … Continue reading

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Garments, goods and gossip: Trading posts, once community centers, are disappearing

I parked my motorcycle on the broken pavement and gravel driveway and went to the front of Ismay Trading Post, with its peeling adobe façade and dust-glazed windows. As I pushed the door open the little dog bounded over the … Continue reading

Published in March 2006

Canyons of the ancients? Retiree influx altering Four Corners’ demographics

They’re coming. Montezuma County is expecting about 3,000 new residents during the next few years, an increase of more than 10 percent in its population. Who are these newcomers? One thing is certain: It won’t be the stork delivering these … Continue reading

Published in March 2006

Is biodiesel really coming to Dove Creek?

Farmers are risk-takers. Each year they gamble big that the cost of input and production will be less than their crop earnings, providing a profit margin to sustain their families into the next growing season. In dryland farming areas, the … Continue reading

Published in March 2006

Famed “El Camino Real” celebrated

Dawn breaks over San Gabriel in the Española Valley, north of where Santa Fe will grow. Several men walk a path. They carry beads, pottery, and turkeyfeather blankets, items they’ve brought from their homes at San Juan Pueblo. Others come … Continue reading

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