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Ag producers decry proposed ID system

Print this article  Unnecessary, intrusive and expensive — those are some of the nicer things Four Corner agricultural producers, especially cattlemen, are saying about the USDA’s new plan for a National Animal Identification System (NAIS). ”It’ll break us. It’s senseless,” … Continue reading

Published in November 2006

Revisiting an American insurgency: ‘Dances with Wolves’ author delves into reality of white/Indian battles

Print this article“Dances with Wolves” author Michael Blake has done many things since he left home at age 17, rented a garage apartment, and started his own life. He’s been a grocery clerk, poured concrete, served in the United States … Continue reading

Published in Arts & Entertainment, November 2006

New tests show mercury in reservoirs still a concern

Print this articleDon’t eat too much of certain types of fish pulled from the waters of McPhee and Narraguinnep reservoirs. That advisory, issued 13 years ago, will continue indefinitely into the future, based on the most recent tests of fish … Continue reading

Published in November 2006

‘The Grand Problem’ absorbs Oaxaca, Mexico

Print this article Editor’s note: Phil Hall is traveling in Mexico and sent this report about political unrest in the southern state of Oaxaca. A few days after he sent it, a freelance journalist for and two other people … Continue reading

Published in November 2006

A counterpoint to my opponent’s assertions

Print this articleThe Nov. 7 General Election is quickly approaching and I want to take this opportunity to address comments made by my opponent, Sam Sparks, in his Oct. 7 candidate column in the Cortez Journal. My opponent stated his … Continue reading

Published in Election, November 2006

$2 million settlement ends stalemate: Squabbles over Cortez’s new sewage plant prove costly

Print this articleYears late and many dollars short, a new sewage system serving the greater Cortez area finally came on-line last fall, but costly legal wrangling continued for another year, finally creaking to a halt in August with an out-of-court … Continue reading

Published in November 2006

A hazy future for the Four Corners? Concerns about a new power plant are igniting a furor over regional air quality

Print this articleAnthony Lee, a middle-aged man, stood nervously before a microphone in the cavernous interior of the Shiprock, N.M., High School auditorium on Oct. 4. On the stage sat officials with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, hearing public comments … Continue reading

Published in November 2006