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How did this happen?

How on earth did this happen? Lots of smart people (and even notso- smart ones, such as myself) saw it coming and spoke out against it. Right from the first – not after it became politically safe and – possibly … Continue reading

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Taking off the white gloves

By 1918, the National American Woman Suffrage Association had struggled for 150 years to win the vote. “They were so polite,” sighs Boulder, Colo., novelist Sybil Downing, whose own grandmother worked for Suffrage. “(They) pleaded and reasoned.” And they failed. … Continue reading

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Power-plant debate heats up

Power plants seem to be growing increasingly unpopular. While debate rages over plans to build a 1,500-megawatt power plant on Navajo Nation land south of Shiprock, N.M., some critics are challenging plans by Tri-State Generation and Transmission, Empire Electric’s energy … Continue reading

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Out of tune with community needs?

People traveling along Highway 184, slipping past Summit Lake on their way from Dolores to Mancos, probably aren’t turning the radio dial in the car to check in for local traffic updates. But when searching the airwaves, this Four Corners … Continue reading

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Will a much-touted project to revamp the Four Corners end up as a monumental failure?

Four tattered and sun-bleached state flags flap in a crisp breeze that stirs up an occasional dust devil. A wide arc of plywood vendor stalls stand mostly empty, but people at one or two are hawking jewelry, pottery, T-shirts and … Continue reading

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