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Wright’s rants raise troubling questions

News flash! Illinois Sen. Barak Obama, until lately the clear front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, isn’t all black. He’s only half black, the other half being as white as Hillary Clinton’s naked butt. (The simile is pure conjecture, of … Continue reading

Published in April 2008, David Long

Monument Valley: A legendary landscape in need of protection

Located on the Arizona-Utah border on Highway 163 in the northern part of the Navajo Nation, Monument Valley hosts over 200,000 visitors a year, who come to savor its red mesas and sandy deserts. But to appreciate the majestic rocks, … Continue reading

Published in April 2008

Let the good times flow: Big water on the Dolores

  The record snowfall this winter is melting away into an extended boating season on the Lower Dolores River that is rarely seen. Typically a trickle following average to below-average snowpack, the Dolores River below McPhee Dam falls victim to … Continue reading

Published in April 2008

A Dolores-based program seeks to aid U.S. women’s cycling

After negotiating the ruts and puddles of the spring melt in the muddy streets of Dolores, you are prepared for the maze of a garage that is the current home of the U.S. Women’s Cycling Development Program. You duck below … Continue reading

Published in April 2008

A controversial decision on land use in Montezuma County

It seemed like déjà vu all over again — again. A roomful of people had turned out to oppose a major-impact subdivision proposed for the top of Granath Mesa, north of Dolores, Colo. One by one, opponents stepped to the … Continue reading

Published in April 2008

Canadian broadcasting proves too racy for local viewers

Blame it on CBS, Janet Jackson and the Federal Communications Commission. Or spicy “adult” shows on ABC and Fox. But the end result is the same: Local viewers who depend on the Southwest Colorado Television Translator Association for their TV … Continue reading

Published in April 2008