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Holding my nose for Hillary?

Print this articleI’m just not sure I’ll be able to do it. Vote for Hillary, that is, rather than facing the reality of shape-shifting Mitt Romney or blood-and-guts John McCain. It’s certainly not because she’s a woman, nor is it … Continue reading

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Giving voice to the Apaches

Print this article‘Stories’ gains acceptance by Mescaleros Albuquerque journalist and nonfiction writer Sherry Robinson describes her book, “Apache Voices: Their Stories of Survival as Told to Eve Ball,” as not a narrative but a collection of stories. Robinson found these … Continue reading

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Will Rico have a molybdenum mine?

Print this articleThe sleepy mountain town of Rico, Colo. could revert to its bustling mining past pending a deal being negotiated between a local land developer and a Canadian mine company. Bolero Resources Inc. of Vancouver, British Columbia, has entered … Continue reading

Published in February 2008

A tragic Utah bus crash spotlights the gaps in cellular coverage

Print this articleOften it takes a tragedy to bring about needed change. For San Juan County, Utah, that tragedy occurred Jan. 6, when a busload of skiers returning to the Phoenix, Ariz., area from Telluride, Colo., veered off a narrow, … Continue reading

Published in February 2008

The pet-overpopulation problem: Who’s helping

Print this article The small tuxedo cat was dying by inches – literally. At first the fur was missing from about three inches of his tail, torn off by some traumatic injury. The bare skin bled in patches. Then, as … Continue reading

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