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The threat of loose dogs

Following an attack by two pit bulls on a Montezuma County woman in May, the county commissioners are planning to consider adopting some type of dog-control ordinance later this summer. What form the ordinance might take has yet to be … Continue reading

Published in June 2009

A stray-cat solution: Trap, neuter, release

Turned loose to fend for themselves, domestic cats can breed like rabbits. Some don’t survive long on their own, but others learn to scrounge scraps and catch mice and birds. And if they aren’t spayed or neutered, they can produce … Continue reading

Published in June 2009

Montezuma County says no to a proposed waste site

The June 1 public hearing on a proposed solid-waste facility in Montezuma County featured threats to have people removed from the room, a threat to recall the county commissioners, demands for a planning commissioner to resign, and nearly seven hours … Continue reading

Published in June 2009

Fashion show: An exhibit displays New Mexicans’ historic styles

  What’s coming out of the closet? The Land of Enchantment’s best attire, for the exhibit “Fashioning New Mexico.” Why? To celebrate the brand-new New Mexico History Museum, which opened Memorial Day weekend in Santa Fe. And to fete the … Continue reading

Published in Arts & Entertainment, June 2009

A case for pinon management

There is vigorous discussion today amongst different camps of forest managers and scientists concerned about fire control and fire use. A new component in the debate is the idea that forest fires put out an immense amount of CO2, which … Continue reading

Published in June 2009

A bug, a bush and a bird: The tamarisk controversy

  In 2001, a foreign species of beetle with a voracious appetite for the invasive tamarisk plant was released as part of the largest bio-control experiment in U.S. history. And although eight years later the plan is succeeding in killing … Continue reading

Published in June 2009