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School mill levies, hospital project, ambulance district get thumbs-up

Voters in Montezuma and Dolores counties were generally in a generous mood when they cast their ballots for the Nov. 3 election. They passed measures to grant mill-levy increases in two school districts, fund a hospital expansion and form an … Continue reading

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Preserving Phil’s World: Montezuma County says it doesn’t need a Master Leasing Plan to protect bike trails, but the state rule it wants to use is complicated

“Local governments shall be encouraged to designate areas and activities of state interest and . . . shall administer such areas and activities . . . and promulgate guidelines . . . “ From CRS 24-65.1-101 At a public meeting … Continue reading

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A monumental idea: A coalition of tribes asks President Obama to use the Antiquities Act to protect a swath of Utah lands

On Oct. 15 the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition, a partnership of five southwestern native tribes, presented a groundbreaking proposal to President Obama’s administration to turn a large swath of public lands in southern Utah into a national monument. The coalition, … Continue reading

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Monument idea prompts mixed reactions

The call by a coalition of five American Indian tribes for a 1.9-million-acre Bears Ears National Monument is opposed by the commissioners of San Juan County, Utah, where the monument would be, as well as many others in the huge … Continue reading

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Guns don’t kill people

As comedian Chris Rock has pointed out, guns don’t kill people, bullets do. So, Rock suggested, one way of reducing the number of firearm-related murders in this country might be to charge $10,000 for each round of ammo, thus giving … Continue reading

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‘City on Fire’ an impressive debut (Prose and Cons)

It is from the distance between an author’s ambitions and his finished novel that we may measure his literary chops. So when an author, knowing this cold calculus, undertakes to write the Great American Novel – or at least the … Continue reading

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