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A proposed upheaval: Montezuma County is mulling major changes to its land-use plan

The Montezuma County commissioners are considering making drastic changes to the land-use plan, which has been in place with many of the same provisions since 1998. Changes suggested by the Planning and Zoning Commission include reducing the minimum lot size … Continue reading

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Cortez’s new land use code: A boon? A disaster? Or something in between?

More than four years in the making, a new land use code for the city of Cortez is awaiting final approval by the city council. However, the code faces strong opposition from a concerned contingent of citizens – many of … Continue reading

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County seeks to add chapter to land-use code: Public has scant time to see ‘1041’ rules before hearing

After summarily rejecting the rough draft of a lengthy proposed addition to its land-use code – one that appeared to assert the county’s ultimate authority over public lands – the Montezuma County Commission is preparing to chew on a much … Continue reading

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Preserving Phil’s World: Montezuma County says it doesn’t need a Master Leasing Plan to protect bike trails, but the state rule it wants to use is complicated

“Local governments shall be encouraged to designate areas and activities of state interest and . . . shall administer such areas and activities . . . and promulgate guidelines . . . “ From CRS 24-65.1-101 At a public meeting … Continue reading

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Uses by right

Changes to land-use code would increase flexibility in industrial and commercial zones Montezuma County residents with land zoned for commercial or industrial uses will be able to take a number of actions – from manufacturing insecticides to repairing cars to … Continue reading

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Hearing continued on changes to land-use code

The Montezuma County commissioners at press time appeared to be moving toward adopting amendments to the land-use code that would change the name of unzoned parcels, encourage landowners to voluntarily zone their property, and establish commercial and industrial “overlay” areas … Continue reading

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County mulls land use revisions

The Montezuma County commissioners have backed away from an earlier attempt to zone all unzoned parcels in the county. Instead, they are considering amending the land-use code to add language that would merely grant future commissioners the authority to implement … Continue reading

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The laws of the land: Vocal citizens debate a code amendment defining uses on agricultural parcels

Charges and countercharges flew through the air in the packed Montezuma County Commission meeting room the afternoon of July 14. The county commissioners were accused of being power-hungry, of flouting state zoning regulations, and of hampering local economic development. On … Continue reading

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Mancos vet wants tougher penalties in land-use code

Gerald Koppenhafer, a Republican, is running for the county commission in District 3, the Mancos district. His opponent is independent Kerry O’Brien. Koppenhafer is a veterinarian. He served on the 12-member working group that created the county’s land-use plan, including … Continue reading

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