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Roy Lane honored with award

Getting a citation in Cortez doesn’t usually involve the entire police force, but this wasn’t a speeding ticket or any other routine matter. It was, in fact, recognition for a job well done. Witnessed by dozens of uniformed men and … Continue reading

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Charter schools appoint new directors

Two Cortez public charter schools appointed new directors at the end of the 2016 school year. Children’s Kiva Montessori School announced at their May 17 end-of-year barbeque held at Parque de Vida that Susan Likes, current interim head of school … Continue reading

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Clean-up moves forward after spill: Entities vie for government funding in wake of 2015 Gold King Mine disaster

San Juan County is one of the five smallest counties in Colorado – only 388 square miles – but it undulates with some of the most rugged mountain terrain in the Rocky Mountains, and has the highest mean elevation of … Continue reading

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A trip to the woodshed isn’t a bad thing — in jazz

When a jazz musician comes wailing out of the gate, spinning riffs and complex runs, fellow musicians will appreciatively murmur, “Cat’s been shedding!”, writes Paul Klemperer, sax player and ethnomusicologist living in Austin, Texas, in an article called “Woodshedding & … Continue reading

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Boating the Dolores for the first time: a personal account

When I heard there was to be enough water for boating on the Lower Dolores River this spring, I knew there would be a lot of happy rafters and canoeists, but I didn’t figure I’d be among them. Circumstances have … Continue reading

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An epic chopping spree (Prose and Cons)

Annie Proulx is perhaps best known for her 1993 bestseller The Shipping News, which won both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Or is it for her 1997 short story “Brokeback Mountain,” which brought her the … Continue reading

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Helpers in need of help: Strapped for volunteers, For Pets’ Sake considers scaling back

Every spring and fall, somewhere in Cortez, donations begin pouring into an empty building. Cars and pickups arrive, packed with furniture, clothes, books, bric-a-brac, kids’ toys, art works, and more. Volunteers hustle to ferry the goods into the building, while … Continue reading

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