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Local artists enjoy their role in celebrating Mesa Verde

As the National Park Service rolls out its Find Your Park centennial celebration, artists continue to play an important role in the reflection of value the Department of the Interior hopes to encourage. This summer, visitors at many parks and … Continue reading

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A grand quest: ‘Emerald Mile’ author is on an epic hike to protect a national treasure

Maybe it was the popularity of The Emerald Mile, a 2013 book that is a favorite with boaters, outdoors types, and anyone who enjoys a good read. Or maybe it was simmering excitement over the approach of the first boating … Continue reading

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Legal pot: Has is lived up to the hopes?

It was a dream among the Baby Boomer counter-culture – talked about by many, but believed realistic by few. Legalizing cannabis, they said, would make society more enlightened and more honest. Responsible adults could openly indulge in a mind-expanding drug … Continue reading

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‘Cutting’ local water (Prose and Cons)

With their futuristic, otherworldly settings, science fiction novels aren’t generally meant to strike close to home. For residents of the Four Corners area, however, acclaimed western Colorado author Paolo Bacigalupi’s best-selling, green sci-fi novel, The Water Knife, does just that. … Continue reading

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