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Time to press ‘pause’ on pot?: The Cortez City Council is hearing calls for a moratorium on new retail marijuana outlets

Print this articleDoes Cortez have too many retail marijuana outlets? Should it allow any more in the future? Is the presence of legalized marijuana causing an increase in crime and homelessness? The Cortez City Council pondered those questions during a … Continue reading

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Legal pot: Has is lived up to the hopes?

Print this articleIt was a dream among the Baby Boomer counter-culture – talked about by many, but believed realistic by few. Legalizing cannabis, they said, would make society more enlightened and more honest. Responsible adults could openly indulge in a … Continue reading

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For hemp advocates, green could mean gold

Print this articleHemp won’t get you high – but some people think it could make you rich. Colorado gained national attention in November 2012 when voters passed Amendment 64 that legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. But while the national spotlight … Continue reading

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Pot sales begin, but local law officers have fears

Print this articleSheriff, police chief say legalization raises many unanswered questions   While libertarians, potheads, and critics of the nation’s “War on Drugs” celebrate the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado, Montezuma County law enforcement officials have some … Continue reading

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It’s legal, now what?

Print this articleReefer gladness: Marijuana supporters are a mile high after the passage of Amendment 64, but some leaders and law officials are concerned about its ramifications This is the first article in a two-part series examining the impact of … Continue reading

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Field of dreams?

Print this articleAmendment 64 may open the door to the cultivation of industrial hemp This is the second in a two-part series. The first article, in the December 2012 issue, examined the impacts of the passage of Colorado’s Amendment 64 … Continue reading

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Cortez decides not to limit pot centers

Print this articleThe Cortez City Council has voted to rescind an amendment to its medical-marijuana ordinance that put a cap on how many marijuana centers could operate within the city. The council decided to stay with the original ordinance that … Continue reading

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