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Transforming a river corridor: An ambitious partnership has battled invasive plants along 180 miles of the Dolores, providing job training for young people in the process

Print this articleWhat happens when you dam a river, use the resulting reservoir to irrigate 63,000 acres (sending the water to a different watershed), control downstream flows through human-dictated releases, and then have an extended drought? The ecosystem changes. This … Continue reading

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Filling in the gaps: A new book fleshes out the Bears Ears story with native testimony

Print this articleHave you wondered if the people quoted in published news have more to say than the broadcast time or news space allows? If so, and you have been following the stories of Bears Ears National Monument, you are … Continue reading

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Coal-fired furor: A power plant wins a lease extension amid a haze of controversy

Print this articleAfter eight hours of debate, Navajo lawmakers approved a replacement lease permitting the controversial Navajo Generating Station near Page, Ariz., to continue operating until December 2019. In February, the Salt River Project, which operates the coal-fired power plant, … Continue reading

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Worth the weight (Prose and Cons)

Print this articleThere are many authors whose virtuosity inspires me to be a better writer. There are but a few, however, whose talent is so prodigious, so dispiritingly outsized, as to make me want to throw up my hands and … Continue reading

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