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Winds of change?: Voters reject an incumbent commissioner in San Juan County, Utah

In their first election under new federally mandated voting districts, residents of San Juan County, Utah, on June 26 ousted incumbent commissioner Rebecca Benally. Final election results are expected to be posted by July 10, but preliminary results for the … Continue reading

Published in July 2018

How an extension agent came to be banned from his new office

A peculiar situation in which Montezuma County’s longtime extension agent, Tom Hooten, was locked out of his new office has apparently been resolved. Both Hooten and his supervisor, C.J. Mucklow, the western regional supervisor for the Colorado State University Extension … Continue reading

Published in July 2018

Staking their claim: The Montezuma County commissioners pass a bold resolution, but what does it really mean?

In a move that supporters called significant but skeptics said was meaningless, the Montezuma County commissioners have adopted a resolution asserting claims over a number of roads and trails crossing public lands. The resolution, passed unanimously on June 18, names … Continue reading

Published in July 2018

Wry spy

What’s the recipe for a great summer novel? Page-turning suspense, for starters, and a plucky heroine for whom to root. Lyrical writing is a bonus, as are reversed roles and upended expectations. Mix in a Cold War setting and radical … Continue reading

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