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Don’t count your chickens yet: Mancos delays a decision on a proposed livestock ordinance

They came. They spoke. They prevailed. “They” are Mancos residents who opposed proposed ordinances 710 and 709, regarding raising livestock within town limits and structures for those animals (respectively). In February, Planning and Zoning met to finalize an ordinance to … Continue reading

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Oooh, that smell!: A proposed livestock ordinance prompts lively debate in Mancos

It began with a rooster, two roosters to be exact, in two different neighborhoods within the small metropolis of downtown Mancos. Neighbors complained, owners refused to get rid of their birds, and the discord eventually ended up at Town Hall. … Continue reading

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Chickens are coming home to roost in local towns

Recently, the Mancos Town Board decided not to regulate chickens within town limits. Hens and roosters are not subject to any regulation – which is just fine with 41 percent of 103 residents who answered a town survey about chickens. … Continue reading

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