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Do family values include whores in the White House?

Print this articleIt’s getting to the point where that old saw — believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you read — may need to be revamped. Perhaps to: Believe nothing of what you hear, read … Continue reading

Published in April 2005, David Long

‘Mr. Gordy’ helps teach the joy of reading

Print this article At the age of 86, Cortez resident Gordon Milligan still knows the joy of being of service. For the past eight years Milligan has worked to assist first- and secondgraders at Manaugh Elementary School with reading. He … Continue reading

Published in April 2005

Hurdles to mental-health care abound

Print this articleBudget cuts, area’s remoteness can hinder treatment A man is brought to the emergency room, chattering incoherently and describing things only he can see. He isn’t drunk or under the influence of another drug. A social worker is … Continue reading

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Have you heard the buzz?

Print this articleTom Herzog likes the sounds of silence. That’s why, in 1994, he bought 45 acres on Haycamp Mesa in Montezuma County, land surrounded largely by the San Juan National Forest. His nearest neighbor is 3 miles away. “I … Continue reading

Published in April 2005

For rafters, happy days are here again

Print this articleCrowds expected for first good season in years For the first time in four years, whitewater rapids will likely return to the lower Dolores River canyon this spring, bringing boaters a much-needed thrill and revitalizing a drought-stricken river … Continue reading

Published in April 2005

Birding festival has Cortez a-flutter

Print this articleThis April brings a new event to Montezuma County, the Ute Mountain Mesa Verde Birding Festival. Offered through a partnership with the Forest Service, BLM, San Juan Mountains Association, Mesa Verde Country, Ute Mountain Tribal Park, Mesa Verde … Continue reading

Published in April 2005, Arts & Entertainment

Cinderella strikes again

Print this articleI briefly considered writing this column about current affairs, but had second thoughts when I scanned through recent headlines. About the only news that struck a chord with me was the tidbit that Martha Stewart used dandelions and … Continue reading

Published in April 2005, janelle holden