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Therapist says county needs more mental-health providers

A therapist with Montezuma County’s Social Services department came before the county commissioners Nov. 26 to call for more to be done to provide behavioral and mental health support to local residents. “In Montezuma County we are severely lacking in … Continue reading

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“Will Work for Food”: Street people seem to be on the rise in Cortez. What are the causes and what can be done?

On a gorgeous, preternaturally warm day in late October, I was strolling to the Walmart in Cortez when I noticed two men sitting on a shady slope above the northwest entrance to the parking lot. One, a short man with … Continue reading

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Assessment effort seeks to improve public health at the local level

Communities across Colorado have been engaged in assessing the health of local populations since the Colorado Public Health Act took effect in 2008. It called for major reforms to government public-health systems to ensure that every person, regardless of where … Continue reading

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Caregivers and our health system

On a recent morning I was treated to a news story that should have made me happy. Instead, it reminded me of things happening right here in Montezuma County. The incident that made national news: High-paid exec gives up position … Continue reading

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Hurdles to mental-health care abound

Budget cuts, area’s remoteness can hinder treatment A man is brought to the emergency room, chattering incoherently and describing things only he can see. He isn’t drunk or under the influence of another drug. A social worker is sent to … Continue reading

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