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This just in: Bush administration acted illegally!

With all the attention drawn by the ongoing CIA leak case and the indictments of Dick Cheney’s brain, Scooter Libby, another unethical and illegal action by the White House has sparked little comment. The federal General Accountability Office ruled in … Continue reading

Published in David Long, December 2005

Measure would put public lands up for sale

Mining claims on public lands across the nation would be up for sale to private developers under a provision slipped into the 2006 federal budget last month. The brief language, buried within the 830-page House spending bill, lifts the 11-year … Continue reading

Published in December 2005

A party animal, not a donkey in disguise

You’ve probably heard the buzz about Mark Larson, the state representative from the 59th District. Although he’s a Republican and has been for decades, people hint that he isn’t . . . not really. “A very moderate Republican” is how … Continue reading

Published in December 2005

Low fish numbers on the Dolores River prompt concern

Operators juggle needs of boaters, irrigators If you happen to be a trout or a native fish living in the Dolores River, you’re probably feeling pretty lonely. Fish numbers continued to decline despite increased river flows this year, according to … Continue reading

Published in December 2005

Images reveal bonds between photography and archaeology

The wall cuts horizontally across the photograph. It has vertical holes for an entrance and window. But glass, door, and ceiling have disintegrated It’s a desolate wall. Still, a presence clings to it. People depended on its adobe long ago … Continue reading

Published in Arts & Entertainment, December 2005