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Anonymous accusations carry their own stigma

Print this articleCable news has been filled lately with idle speculation about whether or not members of the Duke University lacrosse team raped one of two exotic dancers who briefly performed for them at a drunken party. (Don’t they mean … Continue reading

Published in David Long, May 2006

Coal-mine proposal meets resistance

Print this articleFor more than three decades the Peabody Western Coal Company has been mining coal from Black Mesa, Ariz., transporting it as slurry to a power plant 273 miles away in Laughlin, Nev. Anyone who’s traveled to the Grand … Continue reading

Published in May 2006

The San Juan: A region’s lifeblood

Print this articleEarly this spring I sat up late reading a book entitled “River Flowing from the Sunrise,” by James Aton and Robert McPherson. Sometime around midnight I stepped outside and within 10 seconds I was drenched in a wet, … Continue reading

Published in May 2006

Diné poets share art with students

Print this articleIn April four Navajo (Diné) poets were invited to the Fourth Annual Celebration of Diné Authors for a week-long program at Rough Rock High School and a community event: Orlando White, Esther Belin, Velencia Tso-Yazzie, and Sherwin Bitsui. … Continue reading

Published in May 2006

59th District contest heating up: Deitch battles ‘smear’ as he tries to petition onto primary ballot

Print this articleDurango attorney and environmentalist Jeff Deitch is a man determined to have his way with voters in the 59th legislative district — at least through the Democratic primary in August, when, if things go as hoped, he’ll face … Continue reading

Published in May 2006

Marking 100 years of the Antiquities Act

Print this articleThe tower rises on the cliff, elegant as any European castle, even after standing a thousand years. “There may have been more people living in the Four Corners in 1250 than there are now,” says LouAnn Jacobson, manager … Continue reading

Published in May 2006

Rural motorists enjoy life in the fast lane

Print this articleHere’s a challenge: Drive through McElmo Canyon at the speed limit. Go ahead, try it. Motor along at 40 mph down County Road G, which offers the shortest route from Cortez to Utah’s Aneth, Montezuma Creek, and Bluff. … Continue reading

Published in April 2006

Mystery explores Arapaho-Shoshone conflict

Print this articleBoulder, Colo., author Margaret Coel loves wolves, because they “can see very far, and are alert to changes in their environment.” Using the wolf as metaphor in her mystery, “Eye of the Wolf,” she creates a villain that … Continue reading

Published in April 2006, Arts & Entertainment

Utah Navajos seek trust-fund accounting

Print this articleI have a private joke about the founding of this San Juan country, if it can be said that it was ever “founded.” Indeed it was not devoid of human habitation when the first Mormons came here at … Continue reading

Published in April 2006

Travel video spurs teacher’s suspension

Print this articleTwo high-profile incidents in Colorado that raise questions about academic freedom have a counterpart in Cortez. Shortly before winter break, a Montezuma-Cortez High School teacher was suspended for showing a travel video in which sex reared its ugly … Continue reading

Published in April 2006

In defense of (a little) intolerance

Print this articleThat dirty rotten Communist Karl Marx quite correctly pointed out that religion is the opium of the masses. Karl (I feel like we’re on a first-name basis since I’ve also been cursed as a dirty rotten Communist), who … Continue reading

Published in David Long, March 2006

Garments, goods and gossip: Trading posts, once community centers, are disappearing

Print this articleI parked my motorcycle on the broken pavement and gravel driveway and went to the front of Ismay Trading Post, with its peeling adobe façade and dust-glazed windows. As I pushed the door open the little dog bounded … Continue reading

Published in March 2006

Canyons of the ancients? Retiree influx altering Four Corners’ demographics

Print this articleThey’re coming. Montezuma County is expecting about 3,000 new residents during the next few years, an increase of more than 10 percent in its population. Who are these newcomers? One thing is certain: It won’t be the stork … Continue reading

Published in March 2006

Is biodiesel really coming to Dove Creek?

Print this articleFarmers are risk-takers. Each year they gamble big that the cost of input and production will be less than their crop earnings, providing a profit margin to sustain their families into the next growing season. In dryland farming … Continue reading

Published in March 2006

Famed “El Camino Real” celebrated

Print this articleDawn breaks over San Gabriel in the Española Valley, north of where Santa Fe will grow. Several men walk a path. They carry beads, pottery, and turkeyfeather blankets, items they’ve brought from their homes at San Juan Pueblo. … Continue reading

Published in Arts & Entertainment, March 2006

Mancos seeks solutions to crime wave

Print this articleIf you want to do something illegal, do it in Mancos. There’s no law enforcement here. That’s been the word on the street this winter, prompted by some staffing glitches in the Mancos Marshal’s Office. But Deputy Marshal … Continue reading

Published in February 2006

Gambling with the future: How far should a town go for financial gain?

Print this articleShe sits looking right at you — full frontal nudity. The only thing she’s wearing is a tiny pendant around her neck. Her hands are flat on the white floor, fingertips pointed away from her thighs. Her legs … Continue reading

Published in February 2006

“Visions” shows Diné in their native lands

Print this article“Visions of the People in Their Native Land,” the 40-piece photography exhibit currently at the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, Ariz., is the show that almost wasn’t. “(It) came about in an odd fashion,” says David H. … Continue reading

Published in Arts & Entertainment, February 2006

Protection or over-regulation? Talk of ‘wild and scenic’ status worries water-users

Print this articleShould the lower Dolores River be considered “wild and scenic”? How about Hermosa Creek near Purgatory, or the Piedra River east of Durango. These are questions that will soon be mulled during public discussion of proposals for a … Continue reading

Published in February 2006

A rare bird is growing even rarer

Print this articleNew research showing the harmful effects of oil and gas development on sage grouse may have implications for shrinking populations of the birds in Southwest Colorado. A recently released study by a doctoral student at the University of … Continue reading

Published in February 2006

Locals debate idea of paving Norwood Road

Print this articleNORWOOD — Montezuma County commissioners are lobbying the federal government to pave their way north towards this tiny mountain town using Forest Road 526, more commonly known as the Dolores-Norwood road. But in late January, the recently publicized … Continue reading

Published in February 2006

Unwanted immigrants: Africanized bees are steadily spreading closer to Colorado

Print this articleSwarms of “killer” bees, an aggressive hybrid true to their name, have long inhabited Texas, Nevada and southern Arizona. More recently they have been spreading through New Mexico, arriving in Santa Fe neighborhoods last November. Will they migrate … Continue reading

Published in January 2006

Seeking a pollution solution

Print this articleJim Hook, owner of the Recapture Lodge in Bluff, Utah, brings forth an empty, dusty old wine bottle. It has a dilapidated cigar shoved down its neck, and around its middle is taped an official vote tally from … Continue reading

Published in January 2006

Relocated: A new visitors center leaves vendors in Monument Valley with an uncertain future

Print this articleWhat is now graded red sand at the junction of Highway 163 and the Monument Valley Road in Utah was, just six months ago, the “Vendor Village,” also referred to as the Monument Valley Mall. It consisted of … Continue reading

Published in January 2006

Learning about life through bits and pieces

Print this article“In the dry early summer of 1992, I am still nominally a physician, but I dig in dirt these days, instead of taking stock of my patients’ bodies, attending only to bones stripped of muscle, blood and brain. … Continue reading

Published in Arts & Entertainment, January 2006

Future of roadless areas in limbo

Print this articleThe Clinton roadless rule vs. Bush’s state petitioning rule Keep roadless areas roadless. That was the message delivered by a majority of speakers at a meeting of Colorado’s Roadless Area Task Force on a wintry night at the … Continue reading

Published in January 2006