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Cities mull the ethics of taxing groceries

Print this article   If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat… Since the Beatles’ George Harrison penned those bitter lyrics in 1966, not much has changed. Governments still rely … Continue reading

Published in -April 2007

County works to deal with growth-related problems

Print this articleThe development boom in Montezuma County is creating a few headaches for county officials. On the one hand, they have to deal with developers who follow the rules but whose subdivisions prove controversial for various reasons. On the … Continue reading

Published in -April 2007

Local women debate need for HPV vaccine

Print this article  Is the pharmaceutical industry trying to pull one over on us, or is the new HPV vaccine the key to preventing cervical cancer in young girls? The Centers for Disease Control have approved a vaccine that protects … Continue reading

Published in -April 2007

Podunovich finds her voice in performance poetry

Print this article  Some poets publish poetry. Some perform it. Some create poetry for family and friends. Some write it in private journals. Renee Podunovich has done all of that. At this moment, she’s into performance poetry. “I really like … Continue reading

Published in -April 2007, Arts & Entertainment

The growing problem of graffiti

Print this article  Each morning as Rick Becher opens his plumbing shop on South Washington Street in Cortez, he wonders what new damage has been done during the night to his building’s alley wall and garage door. Becher, owner of … Continue reading

Published in -April 2007

‘The stink’? A talk about the term ‘Anasazi’

Print this articleCraig Childs discusses his new book and the ancient culture that did not vanish “Earth is the region of the fleeting moment,” sang Tecayehuatzin, Aztec prince of Huexotzinco, in a Nahuatl poem. (Leon-Portilla, 1969-81.) The 1995 Desert Writers’ … Continue reading

Published in -March 2007

Planning board says no to 44-lot subdivision

Print this article  A 44-lot subdivision with no water source other than residential cisterns got a resounding no from the Montezuma County Planning Commission in late February. The planning commission voted 5-1 to recommend denying the developers’ request for AR … Continue reading

Published in -March 2007

Goodtimes’ work shows why poetry matters

Print this articleEditor’s note: Art Goodtimes of Norwood, Colo., is a county commissioner in San Miguel County, serving his third term. He is the highest-ranking elected Green Party official in the state. In addition, he’s a columnist for several papers, … Continue reading

Published in -March 2007, Arts & Entertainment

From herons to hummingbirds: Four Corners a birder’s paradise, but  habitat loss, drought threaten species

Print this article  Regardless of how much members of the class aves are disparaged by us beastmasters — “bird brain,” “for the birds,” “give him the bird,” and so on — many homo sapiens find them endlessly fascinating. Think of … Continue reading

Published in -March 2007

Following in his footsteps: Author documents locations in L’Amour’s novels

Print this article“Louis L’Amour has been a major activity. . . since I retired from the oil business in 1992,” Bert Murphy drawls into the telephone from his home near Roswell, N.M. Since then, he has spent his time finding … Continue reading

Published in -March 2007, Arts & Entertainment

County revved-up for new motorcycle rally

Print this articleFor the first time, the Montezuma County Commission has given the green light to a motorcycle rally. The commissioners voted 3-0 on Feb. 26 to grant a high-impact permit to Montezuma Rally Inc., a local group, to have … Continue reading

Published in -March 2007

Scenery: priceless; Jobs: hard to find

Print this articleLeaders struggle to boost the economy of Southwest Colorado Last summer, when the Montezuma County commissioners were considering whether to permit a motorcycle rally to take place over Labor Day weekend, organizers for the Rally in the Rockies … Continue reading

Published in -February 2007

Locals find raising guide dogs is a labor of love

Print this article  The holiday travelers waited patiently at the Cortez Municipal Airport to board their flight for Denver. When the last passenger made her way through the metal detector, the alarm sounded. “We’ll have to pat her down,” a … Continue reading

Published in -February 2007

An easy-to-read book with a hard message

Print this articleThere’s no reason you should’ve ever heard of Mukhtar Mai, one face of many in Punjab Province, Pakistan. But, once you’ve read one page of her story, “In the Name of Honor,” you’ll find she’s impossible to forget. … Continue reading

Published in -February 2007, Arts & Entertainment

Defying tradition: An exhibit showcases the art of a Pueblo woman who chose her own path

Print this articleIn 1918 a baby was born at New Mexico’s Santa Clara Pueblo. Her grandmother named her Tse Tsan (Golden Dawn), and began explaining that women filled traditional roles of mother and wife at Santa Clara. Then, at age … Continue reading

Published in -February 2007, Arts & Entertainment

Buy-local movement gains steam in area

Print this article  Not so long ago, residents of Southwest Colorado relied on their own abilities to provide for their families — planting and growing a garden, raising chickens and slaughtering some hogs and cattle. People alive today remember salting, … Continue reading

Published in -February 2007

Ag producers raising questions about survey

Print this articleMany Montezuma County farmers and ranchers recently received the “2006 Agricultural Identification Survey” from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service. It is a detailed questionnaire with 22 multiple- choice questions: What acreage do you own, rent or use … Continue reading

Published in -February 2007

How did this happen?

Print this articleHow on earth did this happen? Lots of smart people (and even notso- smart ones, such as myself) saw it coming and spoke out against it. Right from the first – not after it became politically safe and … Continue reading

Published in -January 2007, David Long

Taking off the white gloves

Print this articleBy 1918, the National American Woman Suffrage Association had struggled for 150 years to win the vote. “They were so polite,” sighs Boulder, Colo., novelist Sybil Downing, whose own grandmother worked for Suffrage. “(They) pleaded and reasoned.” And … Continue reading

Published in -January 2007

Power-plant debate heats up

Print this articlePower plants seem to be growing increasingly unpopular. While debate rages over plans to build a 1,500-megawatt power plant on Navajo Nation land south of Shiprock, N.M., some critics are challenging plans by Tri-State Generation and Transmission, Empire … Continue reading

Published in -January 2007

Out of tune with community needs?

Print this articlePeople traveling along Highway 184, slipping past Summit Lake on their way from Dolores to Mancos, probably aren’t turning the radio dial in the car to check in for local traffic updates. But when searching the airwaves, this … Continue reading

Published in -January 2007

Will a much-touted project to revamp the Four Corners end up as a monumental failure?

Print this articleFour tattered and sun-bleached state flags flap in a crisp breeze that stirs up an occasional dust devil. A wide arc of plywood vendor stalls stand mostly empty, but people at one or two are hawking jewelry, pottery, … Continue reading

Published in -January 2007