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Women’s work: After a career in corrections, Durango’s Tekla Miller tries her hand at writing

Though Durango author Tekla Dennison Miller has written three fulllength books (“A Bowl of Cherries,” “The Warden Wore Pink,” and ‘Life Sentences”) and her next, “Inevitable Sentences,” comes out in January, she never planned to be a writer. She thought … Continue reading

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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign: Cardboard clutter they may be, but signs are effective – and protected

Voting takes place in secret, but campaigning is done as publicly as possible. In the past month, political signs have been sprouting throughout the area. And as the signs pop up, so do rumors of vandalism and theft, charges of … Continue reading

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The next controversy? Plans to site a propane-supply depot in a subdivision concern some neighbors

Another land-use controversy may be in the making in Montezuma County, this time involving a proposal to site a 20,000- to 30,000-gallon Amerigas propane-storage tank on a subdivision lot near the intersection of highways 184 and 145. When a public … Continue reading

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‘Bling-bling’ reality and the Diné

In 1912, Russian painter Vasily Kandinsky published his classic statement, “Concerning the Spiritual in Art.” He spoke about the content and process simultaneously, saying, “the harmony of color and form must be based solely upon the principle of proper contact … Continue reading

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Granath Mesa development proposal sparks lawsuit

The Summerhaven subdivision on Granath Mesa near Dolores has not yet received final approval from the county, but already it has spawned a lawsuit and counterclaims. In April, plaintiffs David Doran, John Hernandez and Don Raney, all landowners on the … Continue reading

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The laws of the land: Vocal citizens debate a code amendment defining uses on agricultural parcels

Charges and countercharges flew through the air in the packed Montezuma County Commission meeting room the afternoon of July 14. The county commissioners were accused of being power-hungry, of flouting state zoning regulations, and of hampering local economic development. On … Continue reading

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