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What could climate change mean to the Four Corners?

Print this article  At best, look for a warmer, drier Four Corners region in the next century. At worst, expect severe droughts and water wars. That was the message given by Dave Gutzler, professor of meteorology and climatology at the … Continue reading

Published in February 2009

A report from the front in the Mexican wolf war

Print this article  Gila Wilderness, N.M. — Wolves again roam the dense forests here, a stealthy force that restores a balance of nature between predator and prey, and less so, between man and beast. But will it last? When in … Continue reading

Published in February 2009

Prairie dogs: Cute? Fun to shoot? Now researchers say they’re smart, too

Print this article  The common prairie dog may be smarter than you think — a lot smarter, according to researchers who hope to broaden species protection for the burrowing rodent they say has been wrongly tarred as a varmint. Not … Continue reading

Published in February 2009

An asphalt plant generates heat in Montezuma County

Print this articleThere was a sense of déjà vu about it all. During a grueling, six-hour public hearing on Jan. 12, the Montezuma County commissioners listened to pros and cons — mostly cons — about a proposed asphalt operation near … Continue reading

Published in February 2009

The aesthetic crossroads of Gloria Emerson

Print this article  Gloria Emerson closed the doors of her Shiprock, N.M., coffee shop and gallery just after Christmas. It was known to regional collectors of art and poetry as a hub of cultural and political consciousness and aesthetics. Painters … Continue reading

Published in Arts & Entertainment, February 2009