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‘Wings’ shelter for abused women to open

Print this articleDomestic violence creates a world of hurt, from the obvious and ugly physical wounds and scars to the more subtle psychic ones. Its victims are degraded, diminished and demeaned, given a clear message they are of little or … Continue reading

Published in September 2009

Two town halls demonstrate the deep division over health care

Print this articleMy husband and I were walking along a sidewalk in Grand Junction, Colo., a few weeks ago when a man standing nearby shouted, “Freedom!” at the top of his lungs as we passed. Startled, we turned back to … Continue reading

Published in September 2009

Never a quiet moment for Montezuma County: Industrial proposals spark more lawsuits

Print this articleTwo lawsuits filed this summer against Montezuma County indicate the amount of controversy that continues to swirl about major land-use decisions. In one case, the county is being sued for approving an application. In the other, it’s being … Continue reading

Published in September 2009

A historic trail is proposed to commemorate the Navajos’ Long Walk

Print this articleFrom 1862 to 1868, more than 8,000 Navajo women, children, babies, warriors, cooks, blacksmiths, herders, farmers, teachers, weavers, warriors, mothers, fathers, elders, chiefs and medicine men were forced out over the thresholds of their hogans and herded to … Continue reading

Published in September 2009

Beastly beauty: An exhibit depicts cougars in art, pop culture

Print this articleThe horse rears, tossing the sheriff over the cliff and down an incline. Tumbling and rolling, he lands on a ledge jutting high above boulder strewn white water. Before he can recover his wits, a snarl penetrates his … Continue reading

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