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Debating what to do about Utah dust and Colorado snow

We’ve all seen it — that red tinge of dirt that covers the snow on Colorado mountains after one of our infamous dust storms finally subsides. Ski resorts and backcountry skiers despise it because it can shorten the season, and … Continue reading

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Growing native: Classes teach expertise in local plants, gardening

Magnifying glasses to eyes, men and women spread across a field bright with flowers. Someone examines a leaf and makes a note in a black book. Two others huddle and whisper, pointing to something at their feet. Detectives at a … Continue reading

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Not in the zone: Montezuma County seeks to get landowners to sign up

What’s your land zoned? Or is it zoned at all? It’s a question that has come up more and more often of late. The Montezuma County commissioners are still pondering what to do about the two-thirds of private land in … Continue reading

Published in June 2010

Shonto, Ariz.: The little town that could

Shonto, Ariz., in the Navajo Nation, is a “can do!” community. Residents see themselves as participants in their own economic development and contemporary projects such as their solar/wind stand-alone-unit manufacturing plant. It is owned and operated by the people of … Continue reading

Published in June 2010