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Celebrating the diversity of agriculture

Agriculture is supposed to be dead or dying in the Four Corners, but every year, the Four States Ag Expo makes it clear that reports of ag’s death are quite premature. The Four States Ag Expo in Montezuma County is … Continue reading

Published in March 2010

The debate rages over coal-mining at Black Mesa, Ariz.

A judge’s decision earlier this year to halt the expansion of coal-mining at Black Mesa near Kayenta, Ariz., drew cheers from environmental groups opposed to the mines. But a closer look reveals that celebration may not really be in order. … Continue reading

Published in March 2010

A dog’s voice

Everyone knows the adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” But few people have taken it to heart more than Connie Gotsch. Gotsch, of Farmington, N.M., knew as a child that she wanted to become a writer. … Continue reading

Published in Arts & Entertainment, March 2010

A modest proposal for the Four Corners Monument

Don’t hold your breath just yet, but some improvements are in the works at the decrepit Four Corners Monument, which continues to be a popular tourist stop despite its primitive accommodations. But the plans fall far short of what the … Continue reading

Published in March 2010

New uranium boom raising questions

Nuclear energy can power millions of homes without emitting significant pollution, making it an attractive alternative to burning fossil fuels. But mining the uranium to power nuclear plants can produce political division, racial injustice and environmental degradation. Indigenous tribes still … Continue reading

Published in March 2010

Summerhaven: The saga may continue

The saga of Summerhaven may not be over. Pete Singleton, an agent for the subdivision proposed on Granath Mesa north of Dolores, says the developers are leaning toward appealing a district judge’s recent decision overturning Montezuma County’s approval of zoning … Continue reading

Published in March 2010

Uranium’s legacy lingers for Navajos

Ember Moreno of Mesa, Ariz., grew up in Blue Canyon, near the Tuba City/Red Lake area of northern Arizona. She remembers, as a child, “going to get water from a water pump at the covered uranium site right there east … Continue reading

Published in March 2010