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Counties continue the fight against road closures

Montezuma County hopes to join ranks with other conservative-leaning counties to fight federal land-management plans that sometimes permanently close historic roads crossing public lands. San Juan, Teller and Moffat counties in Colorado, along with San Juan, Garfield and Kane counties … Continue reading

Published in November 2010

Healing the human heart

When it comes to human behavior, Kate Niles isn’t much interested in simplistic views about good and evil. She’s fascinated by the vast region that lies between – the complex shadings that make up the human psyche. “I like to … Continue reading

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Perils of the Grand Canyon: Why hikers die

Park officials say Gavin Smith and his four buddies did everything right in the weeks leading up to their day hike in the Grand Canyon. But fateful decisions they made after they got there may have cost the 30-year-old his … Continue reading

Published in November 2010

A step forward for the Cameron wind farm

The residents of Cameron, Ariz., a chapter in the Navajo Nation Western Agency near the Grand Canyon, feel a little like David with his slingshot. Armed with only a humble weapon – a local community initiative to develop a wind … Continue reading

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Voters say yes to the GOP, no to ballot issues

Nov. 2 was a good night for Republicans in Montezuma County. Voters favored every Republican candidate on the ballot, locally or statewide, and Republicans won the only three contested races in the county. Cortez Police Sgt. Dennis Spruell realized a … Continue reading

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