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Money holds sway in college sports

Print this articleI grew up not far from State College, Pa., home of the now-notorious Pennsylvania State University, and in fact one of my family graduated from there with a teaching degree. This was around the time “JoePa” – Penn … Continue reading

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Tiny bugs, big destruction: Bark beetles on a rampage

Print this articleDrive over Wolf Creek Pass, and you’ll notice a grim reality: most of the mountain’s centuries-old spruce trees are dead and gone. To a casual onlooker, the trees appear to have died within the span of a single … Continue reading

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Sudden Aspen Decline appears to be on the wane

Print this articleThe once-mysterious Sudden Aspen Decline, or SAD, seems to have reached its peak and is on the wane, says Mark Krabath, supervisory forester with the Dolores District of the San Juan National Forest. Krabath said staff first noticed … Continue reading

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The ins and outs of roundabouts

Print this articleLove them or hate them, roundabouts are fast becoming a fixture on the Western Slope. The traffic-control devices long ago popped up in Grand Junction and Durango — and have begun appearing in points between. Now, with Telluride … Continue reading

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Aid for code-talker whose home burned

Print this article When Samuel Holiday was forcibly enrolled in the Tuba City Boarding School as an 8-year-old, he was firmly told it was “English language only! – No Navajo!” He tried to comply. He studied hard, but he wasn’t … Continue reading

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