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Quirky flicks and moving manifestos: Shonto Prep’s young artists love creating multimedia works of art

Print this article When driving the Arizona stretch of U.S. Highway 160, you can’t help but marvel at the scenery. To the south, you see the rising expanse of the Carrizos and to the northwest the looming mass of Navajo … Continue reading

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Classic sound: An alphorn will echo as Music in the Mountains takes off

Print this articleThe sun blazes its way to the horizon. Shadows stretch, ready to envelop the mountains. As the breeze blows itself out, wildflowers and grass bow one last time and stop their rustling dance. All is still. Then an … Continue reading

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Changes to the management of San Juan Public Lands

Print this articleThe local offices of the Forest Service and BLM will be ending some aspects of their joint operations as of Sept. 30, but they will continue working together in many ways, according to a spokesperson. “People hear about … Continue reading

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Who cares about native fish? You might be surprised

Print this article  It’s spring, and the sun-dappled waters of the Lower Dolores River are warming. In a stretch downstream from the Dove Creek pumping station, thousands of fish eggs are waiting to hatch. They’re flannelmouth-sucker eggs – laid and … Continue reading

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Melting Snows: What climate change could mean to Colorado

Print this article  Colorado is headed for warmer and drier days and less water, according to two new studies. And that’s likely going to require some fancy accounting when it comes to water supplies in the Colorado River basin. The … Continue reading

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MCHS theater students head to Scottish festival

Print this articleA group of high-school theater students from Cortez will be headed to Scotland in August for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, said to be the largest arts festival in the world. Ironically, the teacher responsible for their being there … Continue reading

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