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Wicked good: Colorado author recounts true tales from the Wild, Wild West

Print this articleOne June day in 1912, gunfire rattled Ophir, Colo. When the roar subsided, “twenty-five-year-old Charles Turner lay in the dirt by the railroad tracks, blood pouring from his mouth, and a hole in his chest.” Ninety-eight years later, … Continue reading

Published in Arts & Entertainment, September 2011

Warmer temperatures may hurt trout, help native fish

Print this articleClimate change could deal a crippling blow to Western trout populations by heating up their coldwater streams, according to a new study — but those same warmer waters could actually help endangered fish like the native humpback chub. … Continue reading

Published in September 2011

The long, hot summer: Drought hits parts of the region

Print this article  Montezuma County is feeling the heat, with more than half of the days in August hitting the 90-degree mark and less rain falling on thirsty crops. Last month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture declared farmers here eligible … Continue reading

Published in September 2011

Costly claims: The fight over RS 2477 roads

Print this article  Part 2 of a two-part series. Last month, the series covered the long-running legal battle betweenSan Juan County, Utah, and the National Park Service over ownership of the Salt Creek trail inCanyonlands National Park. In 1866, the … Continue reading

Published in September 2011

No place like home: A slow economy inspires tourists to enjoy their own backyards

Print this articleA stagnant national economy has hurt local tourism in some ways, but tight vacation budgets are inspiring residents to visit attractions in their own backyards more, boosting sales and making up for losses. In Arches National Park, Utah … Continue reading

Published in September 2011