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Twists of fate

Print this articleHow could it be otherwise, Socrates? Take one motherless, pubescent girl living (sort of) with her homeless, alcoholic yet fanatically religious father. Add one sexually driven sociopath recently released from the joint. Throw in some cock-fighting, crooked gambling, … Continue reading

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Final decision on Boggy-Glade travel to be released

Print this articleDolores Ranger District Derek Padilla was scheduled to meet with Dolores and Montezuma county commissioners on Dec. 5 to discuss the release of the final decision notice for the Boggy-Glade Travel Management Project. “We appreciate the extensive public … Continue reading

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A new law attempts to silence barking dogs

Print this articleAfter hearing from citizens tormented by barking dogs and others worried about proliferating regulations, the Montezuma County commissioners voted 2-0 to give the sheriff ’s office the authority to cite owners of canines that make “unreasonable noise.” Commissioners … Continue reading

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Home on the rez

Print this articleSafe shelter is a basic human need. It provides protection from the weather, privacy for sleep, space for enjoying the company of family and friends. It is also the biggest investment a family will make in a lifetime, … Continue reading

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A tar-sands project is in the works in Utah

Print this articleEnvironmental activists say a tar-sands project planned for Utah – the first such project in the United States – could have disastrous implications for the Four Corners region and beyond if it goes forward. But U.S. Oil Sands, … Continue reading

Published in December 2012

It’s legal, now what?

Print this articleReefer gladness: Marijuana supporters are a mile high after the passage of Amendment 64, but some leaders and law officials are concerned about its ramifications This is the first article in a two-part series examining the impact of … Continue reading

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Hostile crowd greets forest officials

Print this articleA hostile crowd heckled two Forest Service officials over road closures and federal-lands policies, and Montezuma County Sheriff Dennis Spruell promised to cut a lock off a gate if necessary, during a meeting with one Montezuma County commissioner … Continue reading

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