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Wanted: Mary Poppins: Child care can prove difficult to obtain in Southwest Colorado, but there are options if you persist

Print this articleIs there a shortage of child-care options in Colorado? It may be difficult to prove it statistically, but Liz Mora doesn’t have any doubt about the answer to the question. “Get on the waiting list as soon as … Continue reading

Published in December 2015

Caucuses: A great way to have sway

Print this articleAlthough Colorado is considered a key swing state in the 2016 presidential race by candidates of both major parties, Colorado Republicans are taking some wind out of the state’s sails by not showing their hand until late in … Continue reading

Published in December 2015

Pot: A growing menace on public lands

Print this articleAt first blush it may seem paradoxical. But despite pot being legal to grow, sell and consume in Colorado, the state is also becoming an increasingly popular home for major black-market cannabis operations. “We have seen a notable … Continue reading

Published in December 2015

A turn for the better?: A proposed revamp of U.S. 160 through Cortez is designed to improve safety

Print this articleSlower, safer, smoother. That’s the vision for traffic along U.S. Highway 160 through Cortez. On Nov. 24, Mike McVaugh, a traffic and safety engineer with the Colorado Department of Transportation, unveiled ideas for achieving some of those goals. … Continue reading

Published in December 2015

On the trail of buffaloes and history (Prose and Cons)

Print this articleJeff Guinn is a noted Western historian who also happens to know how to write gripping, plot-driven tales of aggression and survival. That combination serves historical fiction devotees well in Guinn’s latest book, “Buffalo Trail,” the second, stirring … Continue reading

Published in December 2015, Prose and Cons