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Are the Indian Wars starting up again?

News analysis The last “war” between the U.S. Cavalry and an American Indian tribe occurred near Nogales, Ariz., in 1917. The 10th Cavalry – the Buffalo Soldiers – clashed with a band of Yaquis. It’s been nearly a century since … Continue reading

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Poetry, precise and uncluttered

In 1964, Japan Air Lines National Haiku Contest attracted 41,000 entries. That’s a tremendous outpouring of syllables struggling to imitate a traditional poetic form. Haiku, as most of us learned in school, consists of 17 syllables in a highly condensed … Continue reading

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Sage-grouse plan released

The BLM is seeking public comment on the Gunnison Sage-Grouse Rangewide Draft Resource Management Plan Amendment and Draft Environmental Impact Statement. The BLM manages about 623,000 acres, or 37 percent, of Gunnison sagegrouse habitat across the range of the species. … Continue reading

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Bears Ears: The clock is ticking

Critics hope any national-monument designation can be undone under the Trump administration — but it won’t be easy Time is running down on the Obama administration, and in the Four Corners area, a lot of people are holding their breath. Less … Continue reading

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Bears Ears monument announcement draws praise, ire

By Sonja Horoshko and Gail Binkly Both delight and rage greeted President Obama’s designation of the Bears Ears National Monument on Wednesday, Dec. 28. Native American tribes hailed the inclusion of five tribes in management of the monument, while environmentalists … Continue reading

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Exploring the changing face of the Western world Prose and Cons

Amid this year’s pre-holiday blizzard of book releases, British author Zadie Smith’s Swing Time stands out. Eagerly anticipated by her legions of fans, Swing Time is Smith’s first novel in four years, following 2012’s experimental NW. As a young, biracial, … Continue reading

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Shiprock stands with Standing Rock: The Navajo Nation is asked to sever ties with banks that are supporting the pipeline project

The Navajo Nation Shiprock Chapter is supporting protesters battling a pipeline at Standing Rock, N.D., and has passed a resolution asking the Navajo Nation to sever relations with Wells Fargo Bank, which is financing the energy project. The chapter hosted … Continue reading

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