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Antibiotic resistance a growing threat

The war between people and germs is as old as humanity itself. For a little while, in the heady days following the widespread introduction of penicillin in the 1940s, it looked like humanity might score a decisive victory against the … Continue reading

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Fees increase at Mesa Verde

Entrance fees to Mesa Verde National Park have increased. The new fees are $20 for a private vehicle (up from $15); $10 per person (up from $7); and $15 per motorcycle (up from $10). The cost of an annual park … Continue reading

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The Trump years: How will they affect the region?

Critics are already speculating that Donald Trump won’t last more than two years as president – that he’ll resign or be impeached before his term is out. But his supporters predict he’ll prove so successful that he’ll easily win re-election … Continue reading

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Khan’s latest is informative, provocative (Prose and Cons)

Like the best murder mysteries, Colorado author Ausma Zehanat Khan’s third Esa Khattak/Rachel Getty mystery, Among the Ruins, is informative and provocative as well as entertaining. Khan, a Muslim writer, editor, and community activist who arrived in Denver by way … Continue reading

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