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High and dry: 2018 is on pace for record-setting drought in the area

National forests are closing. Wildfires are raging. Animals are dying in their quest for water. 2018 is shaping up to be one of the driest years on record in the Four Corners area. Relief may be on the way, but … Continue reading

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An icy cool debut by a young Colorado author

I approached Danya Kukafka’s effusively praised and wildly popular debut novel Girl in Snow with trepidation. I wanted very much to enjoy the book because Kukafka is a fellow Coloradan and, in her mid-twenties, is preposterously young to have written … Continue reading

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War of the weeds: Invasive plants are transforming landscapes, harming crops and animals

This is the second in an occasional series about weeds and weed management in the Four Corners. The first article ran in the April 2018 issue. Since the invention of agriculture, farmers and gardeners have cursed weeds – any plants … Continue reading

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Scraping bottom: Vanadium recovery at White Mesa Mill

Energy Fuels, Inc., the Canadian uranium-mining company that owns and operates the White Mesa uranium mill south of Blanding, Utah, is set to resume recovery operations for vanadium pentoxide from ponds at the mill. Vanadium has the potential to be … Continue reading

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