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Desert Solitaire

Thank goodness New York publishing, unlike Hollywood filmmaking, hasn’t entirely succumbed to the bland congruity of blockbuster titles, series retreads, and the same old, same old. Thank goodness a trip to your local bookstore can still yield daring works by … Continue reading

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‘Acres’ is a homegrown treat

I’ve been a poetry aficionado all my life. As a kid, I devoured poems that had good rhymes and lively stories, whether or not they were regarded as work of the best order. “The boy stood on the burning deck” … Continue reading

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Coping with uranium’s legacy: Workshops offer Navajos guidance about dealing with toxicity

In January 2013, a group of federal agencies in consultation with the Navajo Nation completed a five-year effort to address uranium contamination in the Navajo Nation. The effort focused on the most imminent risks to people living on the land. … Continue reading

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If you build it, will they come?: Talk of an events center sparks disagreement at town hall in Dolores

When the Montezuma County commissioners have a town-hall meeting, they generally hear comments and questions on a wide variety of topics. But the meeting they held on June 24 in Dolores turned into a discussion sharply focused on the concept … Continue reading

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