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Coping with uranium’s legacy: Workshops offer Navajos guidance about dealing with toxicity

In January 2013, a group of federal agencies in consultation with the Navajo Nation completed a five-year effort to address uranium contamination in the Navajo Nation. The effort focused on the most imminent risks to people living on the land. … Continue reading

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Toxic transportation?: Proposed routes for hauling uranium from mines near the Grand Canyon are sparking tribal opposition

Native American tribes in the Four Corners region are gearing up for a battle over plans to haul uranium across their lands to the White Mesa Mill near Blanding, Utah. White Mesa is the only fully-licensed, conventional uranium mill in … Continue reading

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The Navajo Nation nixes access for uranium mining

The Navajo Nation has announced that it will deny access across its lands to a company that wants to mine uranium on state land near the Grand Canyon in Arizona, at least until the mining company meets the nation’s terms. … Continue reading

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Studying the effect of uranium on Navajos

Three decades after the end of uranium mining on the Navajo Nation, a study is being launched to see how ongoing exposure to contaminated sites may be affecting pregnant women and children. In 2009, Congress awarded funding for the Navajo … Continue reading

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The future looks bright for uranium mining in the area

The uranium industry hasn’t gotten much play in the Four Corners area since its heyday during the Cold War. But with prices rising worldwide – and historic stockpiles diminishing – demand for the controversial ore is beginning to bounce back. … Continue reading

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A judge overturns a license for the Piñon Ridge uranium mill

A key permit required for the Piñon Ridge uranium mill in Montrose County, Colo., to move forward has been revoked by a Colorado court citing a flawed public hearing process. On June 13, Denver District Judge John McMullen invalidated Energy … Continue reading

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A Ute tribe objects to a uranium mill’s license

Ute tribe challenges uranium-mill license renewal But regulators dismiss the tribe’s concerns, saying White Mesa is following rules Environmental safety standards at the White Mesa Uranium Mill in southeast Utah are inadequate, according to the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, which … Continue reading

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A two-word phrase holds up the Pinon Ridge mill

The Piñon Ridge Uranium Mill slated for construction in Paradox Valley west of Naturita, Colo., recently survived several legal challenges, but must overcome one more before it can officially break ground early this year. The effort to build the second … Continue reading

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Living with the legacy of uranium on the Navajo Nation

Box Springs, Ariz., is cut off by the Little Colorado River from access to any paved roads or the conveniences of groceries, gas stations, banks, electricity and power, not to mention jobs and economic development. But the community’s willingness to … Continue reading

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