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Is there a little prince or princess in your house?

All the recent hoopla around “The Royal Wedding” in London sickened me – mostly figuratively, but a bit literally as well. The actual wave of nausea came when I saw the latest “Royal Couple” on the front of both Time and Newsweek, publications … Continue reading

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Reflections on the 10th anniversary of a hate-crime killing in Cortez

I was a rookie crime reporter for the Cortez Journal 10 years ago when I got the call that a body had been found down by the sewer ponds on the southern edge of town. At first, we assumed it must be a … Continue reading

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Living with the legacy of uranium on the Navajo Nation

Box Springs, Ariz., is cut off by the Little Colorado River from access to any paved roads or the conveniences of groceries, gas stations, banks, electricity and power, not to mention jobs and economic development. But the community’s willingness to … Continue reading

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How to manage Colorado’s roadless areas?

On Wednesday, June 8, Southwest Colorado residents will get a chance to study and respond to the Proposed Colorado Roadless Rule, the latest effort in a decade of attempts to decide the fate of forested land in Colorado that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Golden fleeces: The role of sheep in Native culture

“Her instinct was very strong and she accepted her young with no problem,” says TahNibaa Naataanii of one of her Navajo churro sheep, which became a first-time mom this spring. Naataanii serves as project director of Diné be’ iiná, Inc., … Continue reading

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