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Print this articleA couple weeks ago, I carved a few hours out of my schedule to go for a hike. It may strike some of you as strange that I hike alone, but I’ve been doing it all my life … Continue reading

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This land is whose land?

Print this articleDon’t let them sell off our public land! Keep it open to the public! There is a lot of rhetoric, fears, misinformation and emotions being expressed over so called “public” lands. Today, people and groups are all fighting … Continue reading

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Print this articleI’d like to tell you about my favorite outhouse. Do you have history with many outhouses? you ask… Why yes, as a matter of fact, I do. When you pride yourself on being a dirt bag, ultra-hardy mountaineer, … Continue reading

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Print this articleWhile shopping for discounted Christmas items, I overheard a conversation between a customer and a cashier. I should have moved along and minded my own business except the employee started gushing about her kids’ thoughtfulness. They’d bought her … Continue reading

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My alternative life story

Print this articleSo you think you know me? Well, what if I shared my life story with you – using alternative facts? First, let me assure you that nothing would change from the original story of my birth. I was … Continue reading

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The Great Wall

Print this articleabout it. We’re building the wall. We’re building the wall. In fact, it’s going to start soon. Way ahead of schedule, way ahead of schedule. Way, way, way ahead of schedule. It’s going to start very soon.” — … Continue reading

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Dialed up

Print this articleBelieve it or not, I have actual friends all over this country. All over the world! That way, I know I am loved in several time zones, but I don’t have people infringing on my free time for … Continue reading

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Once upon a time in Berkeley. . .

Print this articleLike Forrest Gump, I have witnessed a few key historical events close up, though I lay no claim to having played any meaningful role in them, nor even having grasped their significance at the time. So the recent … Continue reading

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Repeat performance: Ute youth group scores with second film, produced as part of project to address recidivism

Print this articleThe Ute Mountain Ute Tribe is addressing the problem of chronic substance abuse and criminal behavior with a wide range of measures designed to encourage individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices. The Recidivism Reduction Initiative, a program offered … Continue reading

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Homelessness in Cortez: How it happens

Print this articleHomelessness has many facets. Each story is unique. Recently I was able to interview four guests staying at the Bridge Emergency Shelter in Cortez about the factors that led them there. The shelter provides free overnight housing from … Continue reading

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