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Teaching the thrill of discovery

Monticello to house new ‘Canyon Country’ center for outdoor education Who says a small town can’t do great big things? Anyone who believes that rural Western towns and the schools within those towns are limited by resources need only look … Continue reading

Published in November 2008

Conveying a sense of place

The featured artist at the upcoming Bluff Arts Festival, J.R. Lancaster, specializes in tactile paintings and mixedmedia pieces that capture the essence of the high desert. So why will his talk during the festival focus on a series he’s done … Continue reading

Published in November 2008

The people’s voice: Cortez library events tap into a ‘hunger for poetry’

  When artist and poet Ramson Lomatewama writes, he draws upon his Hopi background as well as his experience living in urban California for images. “I feel fortunate to have grown up in two worlds,” he says over the phone … Continue reading

Published in Arts & Entertainment, November 2008

Meet the new boss: Election results from around the region

The night of Nov. 4, the weather turned cold suddenly across much of the Four Corners area. Wags quipped that it was hell freezing over — because a black man had actually been elected president of the United States. On … Continue reading

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Gravel pits: A contentious issue in Montezuma County

Gravel pits and asphalt plants may not be the most contentious issue facing Montezuma County, but they have to be high on the list. Increasingly unpopular with neighbors and people who move to the county for its scenic open spaces, … Continue reading

Published in November 2008

Catching air: The first Dolores Cyclocross is a hit

Nearly 50 cyclists made the trek to ride in the first-ever Dolores Cyclocross Race, held in the town’s Joe Rowell Park on Oct. 18 and 19. Two Dolores-based cycling groups, the U.S. Women’s Cycling Development Program and the Ciclistas del … Continue reading

Published in November 2008

Budget blues: How local governments are coping with the faltering economy

With the national economy teetering on the edge of a deep recession, local governments throughout the Four Corners are feeling the jitters. As a result, budgets for 2009 are set to be lean and mean, even though increased residential growth … Continue reading

Published in November 2008