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Bison in the Grand Canyon?

A bison herd on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon has recovered from a beleaguered past, only to land in the middle of a hairy controversy about its future. The shaggy creatures are the relics of an experiment, nearly … Continue reading

Published in February 2010

A cautious yes to evaporative ponds in Dolores County

The Dolores County commissioners gave a guarded thumbs-up Feb. 1 to a proposal for an energy-waste facility, but only after a 4 1/2-hour public hearing that included considerable wrangling over the exact terms of the approval. “I think this is … Continue reading

Published in February 2010


Goodnight’s sculptures celebrate animals and the American West “Look at your hand and turn it 360 degrees. You can see how much form there is in that,” Mancos artist Veryl Goodnight replies when asked why she uses live models to … Continue reading

Published in Arts & Entertainment, February 2010

Judges to rule on uranium mine

Denver, CO — A panel of 11 judges from the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals heard final arguments in January regarding a controversial uranium mine proposed on private land within the Navajo Nation. At issue is whether private land … Continue reading

Published in February 2010

Setback for a controversial subdivision

Win one, lose one. A month after receiving a favorable court ruling about a land-use decision, Montezuma County has wound up on the losing side of a different court decision. On. Jan. 16, District Judge Sharon Hansen overturned the county … Continue reading

Published in February 2010

Winds of dispute in Cameron, Ariz.

Dealing a blow to the Cameron Chapter’s plans for economic development, the Navajo Nation central government and Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) recently announced plans to break ground late this year on an 85-megawatt wind farm 80 miles west of … Continue reading

Published in February 2010