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A local shines on the national literary stage

It’s nigh impossible to make it as an author of adult literary fiction. Yet that’s the goal Four Corners writer Mandy Mikulencak set for herself in 2009. Nine years later, Mikulencak has succeeded, brilliantly, with the release of The Last … Continue reading

Published in February 2018, Prose and Cons

Feral but fixed: There is high demand for a local program that neuters free-roaming felines

The United States is home to an estimated 80 million feral cats, sometimes called “community cats,” many living in colonies. In Montezuma County there are 45 known, active colonies today. Trap, Neuter and Return, a method of controlling feral cat … Continue reading

Published in February 2018

Are progressives on the march?: Liberal-leaning groups in Montezuma County are feeling emboldened

Normally the Democrats of Montezuma County open a temporary office about two months ahead of every presidential election. But these are not normal times. So perhaps it isn’t surprising that on Feb. 1 of 2018 – a midterm election year … Continue reading

Published in February 2018

Murder on Haycamp Mesa: Meth is believed to have played a role in the county’s first killing in 2018

Speed kills. That nugget of wisdom from the last century’s methamphetamine craze remains, unfortunately, as relevant today as when the insidious drug infiltrated the peace-and-love counterculture of the 1960s and left it in ruins. The present epidemic appears to be … Continue reading

Published in February 2018