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Complaints dismissed: Tri-State wins a legal decision by the PUC regarding pricey exit fees

In a short notice released on Oct. 23, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) announced that it has dismissed the formal complaints over exit fees filed by La Plata Electric Association and United Power against Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association. … Continue reading

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A different view of history: Native speakers share their own perspectives on Columbus’ arrival

We had mountains And you took down the trees So that rain felled the mountains. . . You took the plants from our beautiful woods on your ships to lands already destroyed, and even more of you arrived to take … Continue reading

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Water arrives via a complex distribution system Continued on

Basically, everyone in Montezuma County depends upon one source of water: runoff from the snowpack in the San Juan Mountains. It flows primarily into the Dolores River, but also the Mancos River and tributary streams including Horse Creek, Turkey Creek, … Continue reading

Published in November 2020

Going dry?: Droughts seem to have become the norm across the Four Corners

“At first there was no water in the dry season and water for all domestic purposes was hauled from the river. They melted snow in winter.” — Ira S. Freeman, A History of Montezuma County. When asked if he was … Continue reading

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