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The Carpenter controversy: Can an industrial zone be compatible with Cortez’s natural area?

Controversy has boiled up over a proposed use of land on the outskirts of Cortez. The City of Cortez has received an ap­plication requesting a change in the zoning for a 10-acre parcel of land at 1050 Lebanon Road, adjacent … Continue reading

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An unsustainable situation? Middle-school teachers voice concerns over discussions of drastic measures

By Gail Binkly Talk of totally revamping the Montezuma-Cortez District Re-1 curriculum and of no longer letting LGBTQ students meet in a lunchtime club has some teachers dismayed. They worry that the measures being made or considered by the Re-1 … Continue reading

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Going dry?: Droughts seem to have become the norm across the Four Corners

“At first there was no water in the dry season and water for all domestic purposes was hauled from the river. They melted snow in winter.” — Ira S. Freeman, A History of Montezuma County. When asked if he was … Continue reading

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A different look at a famous sharpshooter

Phoebe Ann Moses, or as you know her, Annie Oakley — do you really know her? She was born into a Quaker family on Aug. 13, 1860, in Drake County, Ohio. Her father died of pneumonia when she was six … Continue reading

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Attorneys flow through ‘River of Secrets’

Among the many qualities of Roger Johns’ Wallace Hartman Mystery series, one of the most engaging is Johns’ generous use of law practitioners as characters, be they wise, murderous, or anything in between. A fresh lawyer-as-character pops up every few … Continue reading

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Wildfires lead to closure of part of San Juan National Forest

A portion of the San Juan National Forest is being closed because of the two ongoing wildfires, the 416 Fire and the Burro Fire, which are about 13 miles apart. Below is the full release from the Forest Service. FOR … Continue reading

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Election features two school-bond issues

In Montezuma County, two school-bond issues are coming up for a vote in November. Mancos Re-6 Ballot Measure 3A Mancos residents will be asked to approve a bond measure to raise taxes to renovate school buildings. The Mancos High School … Continue reading

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Always on the move

A national exhibit at Durango’s Animas Museum spotlights Americans’ historical journeys Tales of voyages across tumultuous seas and journeys over ominous mountains are the stuff of legends; consider Homer’s Odyssey for example and the line, “We leave home to find … Continue reading

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Racial-discrimination suit still pending

An amended lawsuit filed by the Navajo Nation over voting districts in San Juan County, Utah, is still pending in U.S. District Court as different motions are filed and rulings made. The nation had filed suit in January 2012 alleging … Continue reading

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Out-of-compliance deck sparks fresh debate

Should it stay or should it go? A deck along the Dolores River that was built in violation of county land-use regulations – despite a notice to the owner to stop its construction – continues to be the subject of … Continue reading

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Planning commission mulls ways to tweak river rules

The Montezuma County Planning and Zoning Commission is in something of a bind. Its members have been asked by the county commissioners to scrutinize the decade old Dolores River Valley Plan, possibly with an eye to relaxing or scrapping its … Continue reading

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